четвъртък, 16 февруари 2012 г.

We need you!!!

Today, a special kit is brought to you, special because he came in our heart of hearts, created for Sephora, Manue designs' daughter.
When Sephora was born, her parents learned that she was suffering from mucoviscidosis and they were compelled to face up to unknown.

What is muviscidosis ?
It's a recessive genetic disease, it affects the lungs, the pancreas, liver, intestine and other organs.
Children who suffer from mucoviscidosis are very sensitive to germs and they need to have a health way of life beyond reproach, medicine and also respiratory physical therapy and this for all life.

Gene therapy has been explored and studies shown that life expectancy has grown a lot, but an healthy environment is needed for these children.

By purchasing this collection , you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the money you used will go directly towards helping Sephora and her family, we all want to support Sephora and need you to improve her health..

Many thanks to the generous designers involved in this project in honour of Sephora: Albina, Agnesingap, Ange, Bellisae, Chouk, Chriscrap, Goldensun, Laurence, Lady Papillon, Emma, Rena, Delph, Dydyge, EloDesigns, Fanette, Line, Marta, MйlDesigns, MйlieD, Paprika, Ptitesouris, Sekada and Thaliris

In that kit you will find:
- 204 elements
- 58 papers
- 1 alpha
- 1 pack of 7 clusters
- 2 templates

Please join us!!!

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